I miss seeing my patients!

Like most of us, my life has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks. I am doing at Camden Whole Health. But, I am not doing my usual hands-on body work and acupuncture, which is my daily meditation. Some of you asked me to record a guided imagery like what I do during a session.

So, I walked in the woods behind my house, with our dog, Grace and recorded this. It is unfortunately in two parts – Grace ran too far, I had to call her, and I tapped “end” instead of “pause” – I know – I love technology! Anyway, if you download both parts I hope it still flows. Maybe next I’ll learn how to splice them together!

I hope you like my “please don’t-shoot-me” hunting cap!

Take good care and be kind to yourself. I miss you! Dr. Barb

Dr. Barb